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Application of Laser Ranging and Vlbi Data to a Study of Plate Tectonic Driving Forces.
Solomon, S. C.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, DC., May 30, 1980, 175 p.
The measurability of changes in plate driving or resistive forces associated with plate boundary earthquakes by laser rangefinding or VLBI is considered with emphasis on those aspects of plate forces that can be characterized by such measurements. Topics covered include: (1) analytic solutions for two dimensional stress diffusion in a plate following earthquake faulting on a finite fault; (2) two dimensional finite-element solutions for the global state of stress at the Earth's surface for possible plate driving forces; and (3) finite-element solutions for three dimensional stress diffusion in a viscoelastic Earth following earthquake faulting.
; Fourier series; Stress concentration; Elastic deformation; Finite element method; Equations of motion; Loads (Forces); Laser range finders; Very long base interferometry; Displacement; Mathematical models; Lithosphere; Tectonics