NEHRP Clearinghouse

Computer Simulation in Natural Hazard Assessment.
Friedman, D. G.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., January 1975, 213 p.
Specific topics discussed are: Components of a hazard (Assessment of needs, Loss potential, Population-at-risk, Vulnerability relationships, Natural hazard generator, Local conditions); Simulation of loss potential (Approach, Frequency of geophysical events, Specification of present level and future trend, Measuring effects of changing adjustments, Application); Earthquakes (Development of original model, Application of earthquake model to San Francisco, Catastrophe potential of Los Angeles earthquakes, Catastrophe potential of hypothetical California earthquakes, Simulation of earthquakes in central and eastern United States, Interpretation of results in terms of research and data needs); Hurricanes (Importance of wind and storm surge hazards, Development of wind model, Interpretation of wind results in terms of research and data needs, The storm surge hazard, Application of storm surge model, Interpretation of storm surge results in terms of research and data needs); Inland flooding (Population-at-risk and its vulnerability, Construction of a flood generator, Adjustments to the flood hazard, Time-phased changes in adjustments); Other hazards (Tornadoes, wind and hail, drought).
Hazards; Vulnerability; Warning systems; Hurricanes; Casualties; Storms; Earthquakes; Forecasting; Computerized simulation; Land use; Weather forecasting; Geophysics; Disasters; Disaster relief; Damage; Research management; Droughts; Wind; Flooding; Natural resources; Tornadoes; Hail