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Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards in the United States: A Research Assessment.
Ayre, R. S.; Mileti, D. S.; Trainer, P. B.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., January 1975, 169 p.
Specific topics discussed are: Dimensions of the earthquake problem in the United States (Landmarks, Affected population, Impact on human social systems, Adjustments to earthquakes, Costs and benefits of the hazard, Role of the Federal Government); Simulation of earthquake loss management (Simulation models, General modeling diagram, Design of the model, Results of the California simulation); Research recommendations (Earthquake reduction, Earthquake-resistant construction, Land use management, Prediction and warning, Insurance, Community preparedness, relief and rehabilitation, Post-audit analyses); Dimensions of the Tsunami hazard in the United States (Physical characteristics, Incidence and affected population, Adjustments to the hazard, Role of the Federal Government, Costs and benefits of the hazard); Simulation of Tsunami loss management; Research recommendations.
Damage; Landslides; Disasters; Disaster relief; Tsunamis; Research management; Mathematical models; Earthquake warning systems; Wave forecasting; Hazards; Geological faults; California; Forecasting; Land use; Pacific Coast; Warning systems; Alaskan Coast; Seismology; Earthquakes