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Shear Transfer in Thick Walled Reinforced Concrete Structures Under Seismic Loading.
White, R. N.; Gergely, P.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., December 1975, 92 p.
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The mechanism of membrane shear transfer under cyclic loading in thick-walled cracked reinforced concrete structures is studied. The specimens incorporate interface shear transfer and dowel action acting both alone and in concert. The results are used in a dynamic analysis program to predict nonlinear response of containment vessels. The work reported here includes: (1) experiments on specimens with 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter reinforcing bars crossing a crack; (2) development of a mathematical model to predict stiffness characteristics of dowel action in thick concrete sections; (3) dowel action experiments (under cyclic loading) to correlate with the mathematical model predictions; (4) a dynamic analysis program that accounts for the non-linear load-slip behavior at a crack carrying reversing shear stresses; and (5) results of experiments on specimens with large bars (no. 14 maximum size) where shear is carried by combined dowel action and interface shear transfer. (Portions of this document are not fully legible)
Reinforced concrete; Seismic waves; Loads (Forces); Shear properties; Earthquake engineering; Concrete structures; Earthquake resistant buildings; Shear stresses; Dynamic structural analysis