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High Pressure Steam Pipe.
Sun, C. T.; Ledger, A. S.; Lo, H.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., June 3, 1976, 33 p.
A detailed dynamic analysis, presented in a series of reports, was conducted on the seismic response and structural safety of key subsystems (steam generator, high pressure steam piping, coal handling equipment, cooling tower, chimney) of Unit No. 3 of TVA at Paradise, Kentucky in order to: (1) determine for the key components the natural frequencies below 50 Hz and the corresponding normal modes; (2) determine response of plant to seismic disturbances; (3) verify through full scale tests results obtained in (1) and determine estimates of damping needed in (2); (4) determine potential failure modes of major structural components; and (5) determine a spare parts policy for a power system so that outages due to damage from seismic disturbances are minimal. Analytical and experimental methods are used. Included in this volume is a description of how to determine the natural frequencies as well as the seismic response of a piping system in a power plant. These results are intended to provide information on the seismic response problem that is useful for developing future design criteria for these piping systems.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Seismic response; Steam pipes; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Finite element analysis; Earth movements; Steam electric power generation; Resonant frequency; Computer aided analysis; Paradise (Kentucky); Hangers; Seismic waves