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Bibliography of Field Studies of Major Earthquakes in Japan.
Usami, T.; Tsuno, J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., August 1977, 332 p.
A bibliography of field studies on major earthquakes in Japan was prepared. This includes papers concerning the field inspection, seismometrical studies, studies of related phenomena and investigations of damages which were published prior to the end of 1965. The list consists of the following items: (1) Reference number; (2) author's name; (3) title of the paper; (4) name, volume, year and page of the Bulletin in which the paper was published or the name of the publishers; (5) name and year of the earthquake studied; and (6) the main topic of the paper. Date, name, latitude, longitude, focal depth, magnitude, and reference number of the earthquakes are arranged in another table. Papers are classified by the year of the earthquake and by the main topic in the form of a table.
Damage; Seismic waves; Geologic investigations; Tsunamis; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic epicenter; Buildings; Earthquakes; Translations; Earth movements; Magnitude; Bibliographies; Japan; Geological structures; Periodic variations; Disasters; Geological faults