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Earthquake Resistant Structural Walls - Tests of Coupling Beams.
Barney, C. B.; Shiu, K. N.; Rabbat, B. G.; Fiorato, A. E.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Applied Science and Research Applications., October 29, 1976, 142 p.
Design criteria for reinforced concrete structural walls used as lateral bracing in earthquake resistant buildings are being developed. Tests are conducted to investigate the behavior of reinforced concrete coupling beams under reversing loads. This report covers test details and preliminary results for the first six coupling beam tests. Four specimens with diagonal reinforcement and two with no diagonal reinforcement were tested. The specimens were subjected to in-plane reversing loads. Instrumentations were applied to determine loads, deformations, and strains. The geometry, reinforcement details, materials properties, and construction procedures are described. Results indicate that all specimens had considerable ductility. Beams with diagonal reinforcement demonstrated improved behavior as compared to beams with straight bars. Two specimens without diagonal reinforcement exhibited rapid loss of strength after the peak load was reached. Cumulative ductility was also lower.
Earthquake resistant structures; Beams (Supports); Reinforced concrete; Coupling beams; Walls; Structural design; Concrete construction; Design criteria; Dynamic structural analysis