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Structural Walls in Earthquake-Resistant Buildings. Dynamic Analysis of Isolated Structural Walls - Parametric Studies.
Derecho, A. T.; Ghosh, S. K.; Iqbal, M.; Freskakis, G. N.; Fintel, M.
March 1978, 233 p.
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The results of a parametric study to identify the most significant structural and ground motions parameters, as these affect the dynamic inelastic response of isolated structural walls, are presented. The parameters examined include intensity, duration and frequency content of the ground motion and the following variables relating to the structure: fundamental period, yield level in flexure, yield stiffness ratio, unloading and reloading parameters characterizing the decreasing stiffness hysteretic loop assumed for the model, damping, stiffness and strength taper along height of structure, and base fixity condition. Results are presented in the form of maximum response envelopes for horizontal and interstory displacements, bending moment, shear, rotational ductility and cumulative plastic hinge rotations as well as time-history plots of response. Results of the study inidicate that the most important parameters are the fundamental period, yield load, and the earthquake intensity.
Seismic design; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic waves; Earth movements; Walls; Dynamic response; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Ground motion; Design criteria; Dynamic structural analysis