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Strength and Dynamic Characteristics of Gasket-Jointed Concrete Water Pipelines.
Kratky, R. G.; Salvadori, M. G.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Applied Science and Research Applications., June 1978, 291 p.
This study extends to gasket-jointed concrete water-pipelines the information given in previous reports on cast-iron pipelines. Types of concrete pipe and their usage are included; however, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe and prestressed concrete embedded cylinder pipe are discussed in detail. Since only straight jointed pipelines are considered, the effects of major changes in the direction of the pipeline are ignored. A description of the actual performance of some existing concrete pipelines including dates of installation and types of failure, is included. Some test data on pipes and joints are considered. The general design methods used by the manufacturing industry are illustrated by means of examples. A brief review of the recommendations on pipe design by the Bureau of Reclamation and the American Water Works Association is given. The authors briefly discuss some of the criteria concerning state-of-the-art design. More tests supported by Federal funds are recommended so that adequate design criteria for pipelines can be established.
Prestressed concrete; Failure; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Stress analysis; Pipelines; Earthquakes; Water pipes; Gaskets; Water pipelines; Concrete pipes; Tensile strength; Earth movements; Piping systems; Pipe joints; Subsurface structures; Dynamic structural analysis