NEHRP Clearinghouse

Earthquake Recordings on or Near Dams.
Morrison, P.; Maley, R.; Brady, G.; Porcella, R.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., November 1977, 129 p.
This report presents data on earthquake recordings made on or near dams. The serious consequences of failure makes it imperative that dams in seismic regions be designed to resist earthquake shaking safely and economically. To achieve this, designers of dams must be provided with information about those dams that have been subjected to strong ground shaking, with or without damage. The most valuable of such information is provided by seismic recordings made on or near dams during strong shaking, as these show the nature of the earthquake shaking. Unfortunately there exist relatively few such recordings because only few dams are instrumented for this purpose. This report provides a collection of seismic records, ranging from very strong shaking to moderate shaking, which would be informative to engineers who design dams. Thirteen cases of earthquakes recorded on or near dams are included.
Ground motion; Dams; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquakes; Reservoirs; Site surveys; Earth movements; Geological faults; Seismic waves