NEHRP Clearinghouse

Environment, Recent Awards, January-March 1978.
January 1978, 10 p.
Identifying Number(s)
['NSF-78-25', 'NSF/RA-780188']
This brochure presents brief descriptions of awards given by Problem-Focused Research Applications (PFRA) during the period January 1, 1978 through March 31, 1978. The data collected are derived from PFRA program records. Four major categories are covered: (1) Alternative Biological Sources of Materials - focuses on alleviating national dependence on selected scarce resources by making alternative biological sources of materials available in the United States; (2) Chemical Threats to Man and Environment - focuses on identifying, understanding and reducing contamination and environmental hazard arising from the manufacture, use and disposal of man-made and naturally occurring chemical products; (3) Community Water Management - focuses on reducing risks to public health, safety, and the environment that arise from or are otherwise associated with the use and reuse of water; and (4) Earthquake Hazards Mitigation - focuses on reducing the casualties, damage, and social and economic disruption from earthquakes by developing our technological capabilities through research and developing an increased understanding of the adjustments that units of society can make to earthquake hazards.
Ground motion; Hazards; Earthquake engineering; Pollution; Awards; Earthquakes; Research; Water supply; Resource management