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Strong-Motion Accelerograph Station List - 1975.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., March 1976, 85 p.
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This list contains information on the strong-motion accelerographs maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey in a national network of strong-motion instrumentation maintained in cooperation with other Federal, state, and local agencies and organizations. Similar information on strong-motion stations installed and maintained by others is included if sufficient information about the stations is known. Most of the accelerograph stations in this list are in the United States, the largest number of them being in California. The previous lists of this type were organized by regions based on the grouping of the instruments for maintenance purposes. The numbering of the stations is still based on the regional locations of the stations, however, for the convenience of the general users of the information, the stations have been arranged alphabetically by state and then by station name. In addition to the location of the station given by its coordinates, a brief description of the site conditions and of the structure at each site is given to the extent that this information is known. The information listed is intended to be suggestive of the information that is available on each site and for use in preliminary studies or planning of further research studies.
; Seismometers; Sites; Seismic prospecting; United States; Seismological stations; Accelerometers; Earthquakes