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Plan for the Assessment and Implementation of Seismic Design Provisions for Buildings.
Culver, C. C.; Chapman, R. E.; Cooke, P. W.; Ellingwood, B. R.; Fattal, S. G.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., October 1978, 34 p.
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This plan deals with the assessment and implementation of tentative seismic design provisions developed by the Applied Technology Council as part of the Cooperative Federal Program in Building Practices for Disaster Mitigation of the National Science Foundation and the National Bureau of Standards. The plan was prepared based on comments received from a broad spectrum of representatives of the building community. The National Bureau of Standards invited participation from a broad spectrum of interests to help develop the plan. Trade associations, industry group, professional organizations, the model code organizations, standards organizations and Federal agencies were included; groups with national representation rather than regional or local interest were selected. The plan includes four phases (1) Review and Refine Tentative Provisions, (2) Trial Designs and Impact Assessment, (3) Consideration and Adoption of Provisions, and (4) Assistance to Facilitate Implementation. It can form the basis for the assessment and implementation of the tentative seismic design provisions. As the effort proceeds, it may be necessary to refine the plan. Additional details will need to be specified for the individual tasks. These will be influenced by the procedure adopted to carry out the activities.
Hazards; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic design; Structural design; Decision making; Design criteria; Standards; Seismic risk