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Material and Dimensional Properties of an Eleven-Story Reinforced Concrete Building.
Gardiner, R. A.; Hatcher, D. S.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., August 1978, 107 p.
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Full-scale destructive testing of an eleven-story reinforced concrete structure was conducted. Objectives were to investigate the in-situ structural dimensions and material properties, to determine the dynamic characteristics of the structure by small amplitude shaking tests, and to observe the structural damage and the degradation of the dynamic characteristics due to large amplitude shaking tests. This investigation concerns only the study of the in-situ structural dimensions and material properties. The methods used in the determination of the strength of the materials in the structure and the results obtained thereby are reported. Included are both the yield and ultimate strength of the reinforcing steel and the compressive strength of the concrete. An enumeration is provided of the variations of the structural dimensions from their specified values and the manner in which these variations were determined. The effect of all the above variations on the flexural strength of representative sections of members in the structure is shown. Also included is a comparison of these results with the capacity reduction factors specified by the A.C.I. Code (318-77). Conclusions state that variations of dimensions and properties of the structure investigated are generally similar to those of other buildings, and that the average strength of the members exceeds the design strength.
Buildings; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquake engineering; Reinforcing steels; Reinforced concrete; Concrete construction; Yield strength; Design; Dynamic structural analysis