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Seismic Engineering Program Report, April-June 1976.
Porcella, R. L.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., June 1976, 19 p.
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This report provides strong-motion data users with information recovered by the Seismic Engineering Branch of the U.S. Geological Survey. It contains strong-motion records recovered during the period of April to June 30, 1976, a preliminary report on the northeast Arkansas earthquake of March 24, 1976, and a report on the status of the strong-motion network in Alaska. Notes on the digital recording accelerograph, several abstracts of recent reports, and information on the availability of digitized data are presented. A summary of the accelerograph records obtained between April and June lists station locations, maximum accelerations, S-wave minus trigger times, and time durations for which the acceleration level exceeded 0.10 g. Illustrations include stations in the vicinity of the March 24 earthquake, accelerograph records from the March 24 earthquake, and strong-motionsites in the Alaska network.
Seismic waves; California; Arkansas; Earth movements; Alaska; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Buildings; Seismic surveys; Seismographs; Accelerometers; Seismology stations; Earthquakes