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The Salonica (Thessaloniki) Earthquake of June 20, 1978.
Psycharis, I.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., October 1978, 33 p.
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The 6.5 magnitude Salonica earthquake of June 20, 1978 is an earthquake of major interest from the engineering point of view, since it occurred near a city of 700,000 inhabitants. In general, the damage was not extensive and modern buildings performed quite well during the earthquake, while some old ones suffered severe damage. The peak acceleration measured in Salonica was about .25g. The author was on vacation in Athens at the time of the earthquake and visited Salonica on June 23rd. As the intention of this visit was to make a general survey of the affected area, detailed descriptions of the engineering features of the earthquake and the building damage are not included in this brief report.
Ground motion; Damage assessment; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic epicenter; Earthquakes; Urban areas; Salonica (Greece); Earth movements; Greece