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Program RASSUEL - Reliability Analysis of Soil Slopes Under Earthquake Loading.
A-Grivas, D.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., December 1978, 48 p.
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RASSUEL is a computer program developed to assess the reliability of soil slopes under earthquake loading. A pseudo-static slope stability analysis is performed. Significant uncertainties in material and seismic parameters are recognized and probabilistic tools are introduced for their description and amelioration. The safety of the slope is measured in terms of its probability of failure (pf) rather than the customary factor of safety. The numerical values of pf are obtained through a Monte Carlo simulation of failure. The program can accommodate three types of earthquake source--point source, line source, and area source. Included is a brief description of the program and its capabilities. The various functions and options available in the program are presented in the form of a flow chart. Guidelines for data preparation are given in Appendix A. To illustrate the output provided by the program, the latter was applied in a case study involving the determination of the probability of failure of a given slope during a certain seismic event. The earthquake source was assumed to be a fault (line source) of known geometry and distance from the site of the slope. The program was written for an IBM 3033 computer. Special provisions were made so that it can be easily adjusted for use on CDC hardware. The computer graphics option was written for a PRIME 500 computer. Subroutines required for use of the program as a PRIME 500 computer and for the computer graphics option are listed in Appendix B. Finally, a complete listing of the program is provided in Appendix C.
Landslides; Mathematical models; RASSUEL computer program; Slopes; Earthquake engineering; Earthquakes; Monte Carlo method; PRIME-500 computers; Soil dynamics; Soil erosion; Computer programs; Loads (Forces); Slope stability; IBM-3033 computers