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A Program of Studies on the Socioeconomic Effects of Earthquake Predictions.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., January 1978, 176 p.
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The report describes a research program to help anticipate and prevent the possible deleterious effects of earthquake predictions. Topics addressed include: (1) the implications of the state of the art of earthquake predicting; (2) a conceptual framework to use in assessing possible social and economic consequences of a prediction and the interrelationships of the consequences. The consequences and resulting issues are then classified into five groups: reactions of individuals and households; reactions of businesses and effects on the regional economy; government issues; legal problems; and the generation and dissemination of predictions. A strategy is presented for social science research based on complex and related problems treated in the preceding chapters, and is presented in three parts. Part 1 reviews three standard research frameworks required to address these problems. Part 2 discusses general criteria for establishing research priorities. Part 3 establishes specific priorities among the recommended research topics using the criteria mentioned in Part 2.
Economic factors; Predictions; Businesses; Sociology; State of the art; Regions; Research; Social effect; Economic impact; Socioeconomic impacts; Reviews; Government policies; Economic analysis; Warning systems; Earthquakes