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Simulated Earthquake Tests of R/C Frames.
Otani, S.; Sozen, M. A.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., January 1976, 31 p.
Inelastic dynamic response of reinforced concrete frames was investigated by subjecting a series of one-bay three-story small-scale structures to strong base motions simulating one horizontal component of representative earthquake acceleration records. The experimental program included three test structures. Each structure was subjected to a series of test runs of increasing intensity. A test structure consisted of two identical frames, fastened to the earthquake simulator platform, parallel to each other and to the direction of motion. The two frames were connected at each beam level by rigid steel racks carrying steel weights such that the total effective floor weight was 1,960 pounds. The racks connected with brackets outside the frame joints. This paper evaluates the test results from the perspective of analytical methods routinely and economically available to structural design offices: linear dynamic response analysis and static limit analysis based on elasto-plastic response.
Earthquake resistant structures; Reinforced concrete; Frames; Structural design; Dynamic response; Dynamic tests; Earthquake engineering; Simulation; Linear systems; Earthquakes; Dynamic structural analysis