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Mathematical Modelling of Hysteresis Loops for Reinforced Concrete Columns.
Nakata, S.; Sproul, T.; Penzien, J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., June 1978, 92 p.
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The objective of this research is to estimate lateral force-deflection curves for reinforced concrete columns subjected to cyclic transverse loads and constant axial loads. These curves are determined in relation to particular column parameters such as shear-span ratio, longitudinal and horizontal reinforcement, and axial force. The data for this project were obtained from a series of tests reported by Atalay and Penzien and a series of tests made in Japan. 104 specimens are selected from the latter test series, with shear span ratios ranging from 1.0 to 3.0. Summary equations are developed by statistical methods. This new model takes into account more parameters than previous models. The hysteresis loops generated from these equations are in better agreement with the test data than has been the case with previous models. In particular the new model is compared with one developed previously by Atalay and Penzien.
Reinforced concrete; Columns (Supports); Mechanical hysteresis; Mathematical models; Dynamic response; Earthquake engineering; Cyclic loads; Earthquakes