NEHRP Clearinghouse

National Conference on Earthquakes and Related Hazards: Earthquake Prediction, Reaction and Response to Prediction, Hazard Reduction, Public Policy, Invitational Conference, 1977 Held at Boulder, Colorado on November 16-18, 1977.
January 1977, 87 p.
This conference was part of a two-year project aimed at identifying policy issues which public officials may face as a result of an anticipated increasing ability of scientists to predict earthquakes. The project was concerned not just with earthquakes, but with related hazards such as floods, fires, ground failures, and tsunamis. It looks at earthquake problems in the context of a comprehensive approach by public officials to natural and manmade hazards as well as emergencies of other kinds. It also considers intergovernmental roles and relations and the role of the private sector in its examination of policy issues and potential efforts to reduce hazards. The conference program is given in this volume and summaries of conference presentations and discussions are presented, covering earthquake prediction, validation of earthquake predictions, issuance of warnings and anticipated reactions, risk assessment, and hazard reduction. A progress report on implementation planning for an earthquake hazard reduction program of the federal government also is included.
Earthquake prediction; Tsunamis; Risk; Earthquake engineering; Hazards; Meetings; Earthquakes; Government policies; Natural disasters; Attitudes; Land use; Fires; Floods; Seismic risk