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A Study of Seismic Risk for Nicaragua. Part II. Commentary.
Shah, H. C.; Zsutty, T. C.; Krawinkler, H.; Mortgat, C. P.; Kiremidjian, A.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., March 1976, 270 p.
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The report provides detailed discussions on the development of seismic hazard maps, damage prediction, insurance risk, and design methodology, and is part of a comprehensive study on seismic risk for Nicaragua. Included is the proposed seismic design procedure, design philosophy, acceptable risk, development of the dynamic amplification factor shape statistics, effective structural response spectra, types and behavior of lateral force resisting systems, reliability of design objectives, and discussions of the proposed design and method. A statistical analysis of response spectra and acceleration peaks, basics of elastic dynamic analysis, a planning matrix, special design considerations, and risk data are contained in the appendices as is a discussion of differences which affect any comparison between Nicaragua and SEAOC or UBC seismic load criteria.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Urban planning; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Risk analysis; Earthquakes; Land use zoning; Structural design; Nicaragua; Predictions; Seismic risk