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Improved Seismic Design, Influence of Current Structural Concrete Research, Structural Engineers Association of California. Proceedings of the Convention, 1976 Held at Yosemite.
Corley, W. G.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., January 1976, 16 p.
An investigation to develop improved criteria for reinforced concrete walls used as lateral bracing in earthquake resistant buildings is reported. This paper discusses the first of a three part program which includes tests of isolated walls, wall systems, coupling beams, and confined concrete. One of the goals for the isolated wall test program is to determine the load and formation capacity of walls. Emphasis is concentrated on determining ductility. During each test, measured load versus deflection relationships are recorded. Graphs show the loads plotted on the vertical scale and deflection on the horizontal scale. For walls with strength controlled by flexure, confinement hoops improved ductility but not strength. For walls governed by web crushing, confinement hoops improved strength, but not ductility. Photographs of the test walls are provided.
Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Loads (Forces); Seismic design; Walls; Concrete construction; Portland cements