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Politics and Economics of Earthquake Hazard Mitigation. Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in Southern California. Program on Environment and Behavior.
Alesch, D. J.; Peak, W. J.
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., cJanuary 1986, 294 p.
;Table of Contents: Earthquakes and Unreinforced Masonry Buildings: Introduction; Risks, Mitigation Techniques, and Costs; The Development, Enactment, and Implementation of Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies; Long Beach, California; Los Angeles, California; Santa Ana, California; Design, Administrative Costs, and Legal Aspects. Politics, Perceptions, Process: Understanding Politics, Perceptions, and Processes; A Political Analysis of the Long Beach and Los Angeles Cases; Risk Perceptions, Values, and View of Occupants; Risk Perceptions, Values, and Views of Owners; Policy Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty. Outcomes and Conclusions: Impacts of the Ordinances; The Process and the Prospects; Bibliography; and Appendices: Long Beach Ordinance; Los Angeles Ordinance.
Risk assessment; Case studies; Public policy; Seismic design; Soil-structure interactions; Costs; Earthquakes; Policy making; Unreinforced concrete; Perception; Natural hazards; Retrofitting; Buildings; Building codes; Disasters; Legislation; Earthquake resistant structures; Masonry; Decision making; Comparative evaluations; Mitigation; Economic factors; Political aspects