NEHRP Clearinghouse

Assessment of Seismic Monitoring in the United States. Requirements for an Advanced National Seismic System.
January 2002, 59 p.
Identifying Number(s)
['CIRC-1188', 'ISBN-0-607-92932-4']
This report is an assessment of the status, needs, and associated costs of seismic monitoring in the United States. It is submitted in compliance with a directive of Public Law 105-47. It sets down the requirement for an effective, national seismic monitoring strategy and an advanced system linking national, regional, and urban monitoring networks. A broad spectrum of opinion was sought in developing this report. Seismic monitoring is vital to meet the Nation's needs for timely and accurate information used in reducing the loss of life and property from earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. An Advanced National Seismic System is needed to organize, modernize, standardize, and stabilize seismic monitoring in the United States. Modernized seismic monitoring can provide (1) alerts within a few seconds of imminent strong earthquake shaking, (2) rapid assessments of the distribution and severity of earthquake shaking (for use in emergency response), (3) warnings of a possible tsunami from an off-shore earthquake, (4) warnings of volcanic eruptions, (5) information for correctly characterizing earthquake hazards and for improving building codes, and (6) critically needed data on the response of buildings and structures during earthquakes, for safe, cost-effective design, engineering, and construction practices in earthquake-prone regions.
Ground motion; Information products; Geologic faults; Earthquakes; Infrastructure requirements; Requirements; Advanced National Seismic System; Monitoring; Seismic effects; Information services; Assessments; United States