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State and Local Mitigation Planning How-to Guide. Bringing the Plan to Life: Implementing the Hazard Migitation Plan.
August 2003, 114 p.
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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed this series of mitigation planning 'how-to' guides to assist states, tribes, and communities in enhancing their hazard mitigation planning capabilities. These guides are designed to provide the type of information states, tribes, and communities need to initiate and maintain a planning process that will result in safer and more disaster-resistant communities. These guides are applicable to states, tribes, and communities of various sizes and varying ranges of financial and technical resources. This how-to series is not intended to be the last word on any of the subject matter covered; rather, it is meant to provide easy to understand guidance for the field practitioner. In practice, these guides may be supplemented with more extensive technical data and the use of experts when necessary.
Hazard profiles; Loss estimation; Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Floods; Tsunami; Tornado; Local government; Wildfire; Earthquakes; State government; Landslides; Losses; Identify hazards; Profile hazard events; Risks; Mitigation planning; Implementation; Guides; Coastal storms; Natural hazards; Asset inventories