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Research Progress and Accomplishments: 2000-2001, Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research.
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC., May 2001, 200 p.
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This report offers a selection of papers chronicling technical achievements of the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research in the year 2000-2001. Papers in the volume: (1) Earthquake Motion Input and its Dissemination Via the Internet; (2) Addressing Political, Institutional and Behavioral Problems in Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies; (3) Large Scale Experiments of Permanent Ground Deformation Effects on Steel Pipelines; (4) Experimental and Analytical Study of Base-Isolation for Electric Power Equipment; (5) Recommended Changes to the AASHTO Specifications for the Seismic Design and Highway Bridges; (6) Literature Review: Performance of Seismically Isolated Bridges; (7) Risk-Based Assessment of Seismic Performance of Highway Systems; (8) Collapse Limit States of Frames; (9) Centrifuge-Based Evaluation of Pile Foundation Response to Lateral Spreading; (10) Buildings with Added Energy Dissipation Systems; (11) Cost-Benefit Analysis and Evaluation for Mitigation of Lifelines; (12) Retrofit of Hospitals in the Eastern United States; (13) Passive Site Remediation for Liquefaction Mitigation; (14) Advanced GIS for Loss Estimation and Rapid Post-Earthquake Assessment of Building Damage; (15) Retrofit of the Ataturk International Airport Terminal Building; (16) Estimating Earthquake Losses for the Greater New York City Area.
; Retrofitting; Ground motion; Hazards; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Computer programs; Research programs; Remediation; Structural engineering; Geological processes; Cost benefit analysis; Highways; Bridges; Seismology; Seismic waves