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Ambient Vibration and Earthquake Strong-Motion Data Sets for Selected USGS Extensively Instrumented Buildings.
Dunand, F.; Rodgers, J. E.; Acosta, A. V.; Salsman, M.; Bard, P. Y.
January 2004, 36 p.
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The objective of this report is to present background information for a study comparing the dynamic characteristics of thirteen buildings obtained using strong-motion and ambient vibration records. Ambient vibration testing is an attractive method of measuring the dynamic characteristics of real buildings, since it does not disrupt building occupants and the necessary equipment is small, light, and very portable. However, because of the low amplitude range of the ambient vibration , dynamic characteristics obtained from ambient vibration should be different from those obtained from strong-motion records due to non-linear effects. This report describes (1) the 13 buildings with their permanent instrumentation and locations where ambient data was recorded, (2) the ambient vibration testing, and (3) a description of the strong-motion data sets available for each building. This report contains background information only; no results are presented.
Ground motion; Buildings; United States Geological Survey (USGS); Vibration; Testing; Earthquakes; Structural performance; Data sets; Strong motion; Instrumented tests