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Data from Theodolite Measurements of Creep Rates on San Francisco Bay Region Faults, California: 1979-2001.
Galehouse, J. S.
January 2002, 98 p.
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The author's purpose is to make creep data on San Francisco Bay region active faults available to the scientific research community. Student research assistants and the author measured creep (aseismic slip) rates on these faults from 1979 until 2001. These data are further described in a final technical report, which summarizes results from 22 September 1979 through 28 February 2001. Over 2600 creep measurements were made. About one-third in the ten years prior to the Loma Prieta earthquake (LPEQ) and two thirds in the 11.4 years following it. The measurements are continuing to be made by members of the Geosciences Department at San Francisco State University (SFSU) under the direction of Karen Grove and John Caskey. A complete analysis of the results obtained on the Hayward fault is presented in Lienkaemper, Galehouse and Simpson (2001). A formal report based on the entire San Francisco Bay region data set is in preparation.
Loma Prieta earthquake; Creep rates; Data collection; Earthquake faults; California; Hayward faults; Theodolite; Measurements; San Francisco Bay region; Tables (Data); Aseismic slip