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Modified Mercalli Intensities (MMI) for Some Earthquakes in Eastern North America (ENA) and Empirical MMI Site Corrections for Towns in ENA.
Bakun, W. H.; Johnston, A. C.; Hopper, M. G.
January 2002, 76 p.
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Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) assignments for earthquakes in eastern North America (ENA) were used by Bakun et al. (submitted) to develop a model for eastern North America for estimating the location and moment magnitude M of earthquakes from MMI observations. MMI assignments for most of the earthquakes considered by Bakun et al. (submitted) are published. MMI assignments for 6 other earthquakes used by Bakun et al. (submitted) are listed in this report: November 18, 1755 near Cape Ann, Massachusetts; January 5, 1843 near Marked Tree, Arkansas; October 31,1895 in southern Illinois; November 18, 1929 on the Grand Banks, Newfoundland; September 26, 1990 in southeast Missouri; and May 4, 1991 near Risco, Missouri. MMI empirical site corrections developed and used by Bakun et al. (submitted) are also listed in this Openfile Report.
Cape Ann (Massachusetts); Locations; Assignments; Magnitudes; Site corrections; Earthquakes; Missouri; Eastern North America; Illinois; Towns; Grand Banks (Newfoundland); Risco (Missouri); Cities; Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI); Marked Tree (Arkansas); Tables (Data)