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Compilation of 29 Sonic and Density Logs from 23 Oil Test Wells in Western Washington State.
Brocher, T. M.; Ruebel, A. L.
January 1998, 66 p.
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Three-dimensional velocity models for Puget Sound provide a means for better understanding the lateral variations in strong ground motions recorded during local earthquakes in Puget Lowland. We have compiled 29 sonic and density logs from 23 oil test wells to help us determine the geometry and physical properties of the Cenozoic basins in western Washington. The maximum depths sampled by the test wells are between 0.47 and 4.04 km. These well logs sample Quaternary to Eocene sedimentary and volcanic rocks. This report presents the locations, elevations, depths, stratigraphic and other information about the oil test wells, and provides plots showing the density and sonic velocities as a function of depth for each well log. We also present two-way travel times calculated from the sonic velocities.
Washington (State); Ground motion; Exploratory wells; Density; Earthquakes; Volcanic rocks; Seismic velocity; Three dimensional models; Oil test wells; Data compilation; Travel time; Stratigraphy