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Cruise Report for A1-98-SC Southern California Earthquake Hazards Project.
Normark, W. R.; Bohannon, R. G.; Sliter, R.; Dunhill, G.; Scholl, D. W.
January 1999, 56 p.
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The focus of the Southern California Earthquake Hazards project, within the Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology team (WRCMG), is to identify the landslide and earthquake hazards and related ground-deformation processes that can potentially impact the social and economic well-being of the inhabitants of the Southern California coastal region, the most populated urban corridor along the U.S. Pacific margin. The primary objective is to help mitigate the earthquake hazards for the Southern California region by improving our understanding of how deformation is distributed (spatially and temporally) in the offshore with respect to the onshore region. To meet this overall objective, we are investigating the distribution, character, and relative intensity of active (i.e., primarily Holocene) deformation within the basins and along the shelf adjacent to the most highly populated areas.
; Hazards; Risk assessment; Character; Landslides; Earthquake hazards; Coastal region (Southern California); Urban corridor; Intensity; Deformation; Regional analysis; Mitigation; Distribution; Basins (Geology)