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3D-BASIS-ME-MB: Computer Program for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Seismically Isolated Structures.
Tsopelas, P. C.; Roussis, P. C.; Constantinou, M. C.; Buchanan, R.; Reinhorn, A. M.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., October 3, 2005, 216 p.
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Program 3D-BASIS-ME-MB is a computer program for the dynamic response-history analysis of seismically isolated structures. The new program offers the following improvements over its predecessor: capability to analyze multiple superstructures on multiple isolation-system levels; (b) addition of a new element for modeling the uplift-restraining XY-FP isolator; (c) improvement modeling of viscous damper element; (d) capability to capture overturning moment effects on axial bearing loads, including bearing uplift; and (e) streamlined program output. Two examples of seismically isolated structures are used for verifying 3D-BASIS-ME-MB and demonstrating its capabilities. The first example is a 7-story model structure that was tested on the earthquake simulator of the University at Buffalo (Al-Hussaini et al, 1994) and was also used as a verification example for program SAP2000 (Scheller and Constantinou, 1999 and Computers and Structures Inc., 2004). The second example is a two-tower, multi-story structure with a split-level seismic isolation system. In both examples the analyzed structure is excited under conditions of bearing uplift, thus yielding a case of much interest in verifying the capabilities of analysis software.
Seismically isolated structures; Verification; Earthquake engineering; Superstructures; Computer programs; 3-D-BASIS-ME-MB computer program; Seismic isolation