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Data from Theodolite Measurements of Creep Rates on San Francisco Bay Region Faults, California: 1979-2007.
McFarland, F. S.; Lienkaemper, J. J.; Caskey, S. J.; Grove, K.
January 2007, 14 p.
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Our purpose is to update with six additional years of data, our creep data archive on San Francisco Bay region active faults for use by the scientific research community. Earlier data (1979- 2001) were reported in Galehouse (2002) and were analyzed and described in detail in a summary report. A complete analysis of our earlier results obtained on the Hayward fault was presented in Lienkaemper, Galehouse and Simpson (2001). Creep (aseismic slip) rates were measured on these faults from 1979 until his retirement from the project in 2001. The creep measurement project, which was initiated by Galehouse, has continued through the Geosciences Department at SFSU from 2001-2006. We plan to publish detailed analyses of these updated creep data in future publications.
Loma Prieta earthquake; Creep rates; Data collection; Earthquake faults; California; Hayward faults; Theodolite; Measurements; San Francisco Bay region; Tables (Data); Aseismic slip