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Impact of Earthquakes on the Central USA. New Madrid Seismic Zone Catastrophic Earthquake Response Planning Project. Final Phase 1 Report.
Elnashai, A. S.; Cleveland, L. J.; Jefferson, T.; Harrald, J.
Earthquake Engineering Research Inst., Berkeley, CA.; Construction Engineering Research Lab. (Army), Champaign, IL., September 2008, 936 p.
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This project comprises a multi-phase investigation of possible earthquake scenarios, analytical earthquake impact assessments, and social impact estimates that will assist federal, state, and local governments to develop coordinated response plans for a catastrophic earthquake in Central USA. The primary objective of this multi-phase project is to provide scientifically defensible earthquake impact assessments with the most up-to-date hazard, inventory and fragility data in order to save lives and protect property. Current social impact modeling uses the earthquake impact assessment results to create the best available estimates of affected population and the various requirements for the care of displaced residents.
New Madrid Seismic Zone; Emergency plans; Response; Hazards; Federal government; Local government; Earthquakes; State government; Asssessments; Investigations; Social impacts; Seismic waves