NEHRP Clearinghouse

Recent Awards, April-June 1979.
June 1979, 23 p.
Identifying Number(s)
['NSF-790215', 'NSF-79-44']
The brochure describes the awards made by Problem-Focused Research (PFR) during the third quarter, Fiscal Year 1979. The awards were granted in the following program areas: alternative biological sources of materials; chemical threats to man and the environment; commmunity water management; earthquake hazards mitigation; human nutrition; and science and technology to aid the physically handicapped. The presentation format includes; title of the specific grant, name and mailing address of the principal investigator, institution conducting the research, award number, and a detailed summary of the project. An explanation of what each program area encompasses precedes the award descriptions. Directions are given for persons wishing to obtain further information on project research.
; Handicapped persons; Grants; Awards; Earthquakes; Water management; Research projects; Technology innovation