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Earthquake Threat: The Human Response in Southern California.
Turner, R. H.; Nigg, J. M.; Paz, D. H.; Young, B. S.; Kiecolt, J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., cJanuary 1979, 159 p.
The report is concerned with the community's ability to deal constructively with the uncertain prospect of a severe earthquake. It describes the public state of mind one year after announcement of the southern California Uplift. Using information from a survey conducted in 1977, of 1450 adult residents of Los Angeles County, the sample was designed to be representative of the entire country. The extent to which people are aware of the Uplift and of the various predictions, forecasts, and cautions concerning possible earthquakes in the near future is addressed. Public expectations are examined and an attempt is made to see whether they are related to events of the preceding year. Questions concerning preoccupation with, and concern and fear of earthquakes are explored.
Uplifts; Hazards; Local government; Emergency preparedness; Disaster preparedness; Earthquakes; Fear; Surveys; Communities; Anxiety; Threat evaluation; Human factors; Forecasting; California; Southern California Uplift; Attitudes; Los Angeles County (California); Awareness; Statistical analysis; Warning systems; Geological faults