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Review and Refinement of ATC 3-06 Tentative Seismic Provisions. Report of Technical Committee 9: Regulatory Use.
Pielert, J. H.; Cooke, P. W.
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC., October 1980, 72 p.
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The Tentative Provisions for the Development of Seismic Regulations for Buildings were developed by the Applied Technology Council to present, in one comprehensive document, current state-of-knowledge pertaining to seismic engineering of buildings. The Tentative Provisions are in the process of being assessed by the building community. This report is one of a series of reports that documents the deliberations of a group of professionals jointly selected by the building Seismic Safety Council and the National Bureau of Standards and charged with reviewing the Tentative Provisions prior to the conduct of trial designs. The report contains the recommendations and records of the committee charged with review of the regulatory implementation and enforcement aspects of the provisions. The committee made two recommendations for revisions to the Tentative Provisions and five additional recommendations concerning subsequent activities, such as the conduct of trial designs. These recommendations were made to the parent group, the Joint Committee on Review and Refinement, and their action on these recommendations is documented in a companion report.
Buildings; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Regulations; Meetings; Seismic design; Earthquakes; Design criteria; Recommendations; Standards; Seismic risk