NEHRP Clearinghouse

Recent Research Reports: Entries 1046-1174.
August 1980, 113 p.
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The report contains 128 abstracts of recent technical reports, journal articles, and other documents resulting from research programs supported by the Directorate for Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) of the National Science Foundation. The primary purpose of this directory is to apprise the scientific and technical community of current research in the following areas: electrical, computer, and systems engineering; chemical and process engineering; civil and mechanical engineering; public policy and regulation; public service delivery and urban problems; physical, mathematical, and engineering applications; geophysical and environmental applications; earthquake hazards mitigation; state government; energy systems; alternative biological sources of materials; technology innovation; exploratory research and technology assessment; renewable resources - crops and solar energy; and symposium proceedings. Each citation includes an entry number, title, performing organization, author, publication date, EAS number, award number, pagination, availability information, and an abstract. An expanded table of contents provides the NSF Division and Program names, report title, and author. A description of the major EAS program elements and objectives is included.
Handicapped persons; Abstracts; Research; Documents; Scientific research; Document announcement; Regulations; Earthquakes; Government policies; Weather modification; Bibliographies; Ecology; Geophysics; Social services; Environmental impacts; Urban planning; Local government; State government; Engineering; Energy methods; Technology assessment; Resources