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Recent Awards: January-March 1980.
March 1980, 10 p.
Identifying Number(s)
['NSF/RA-800255', 'NSF-80-40']
Each of the following program areas of the Division of Problem-Focused Research is described: alternative biological sources of materials; earthquake hazards mitigation; human nutrition; and science and technology to aid the handicapped. The presentation format includes the title of the specific grant, the name and mailing address of the principal investigator, the institution conducting the research, the award number, and a detailed summary of the project. Persons wishing to obtain information on project findings, including project reports, monographs, journal articles, technical reports, and other relevant materials, should write to the principal investigator at the grantee institution to determine what information is available and at what cost, if any, it may be obtained.
; Handicapped persons; Nutrition; Grants; Awards; Earthquakes; Research projects; Technology innovation