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Rock-Mechanics Research Requirements for Resource Recovery, Construction, and Earthquake-Hazard Reduction.
Geological Survey, Washington, DC.; National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; Department of Energy, Washington, DC., January 1981, 249 p.
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This report is the culmination of a series of studies initiated in 1976 to examine rock-mechanics problems bearing on current, major national needs. The objective of the report is to provide advice and recommendations concerning the needs, requirements, and priorities for rock-mechanics research that is vital to resource development and recovery (mineral and energy), construction (civil works and defense), and earthquake-hazard reduction. In 1978, a Panel and 7 technical Subpanels were organized to consider (1) porosity, permeability, and fluid flow in situ, (2) determination of in situ stress, (3) mapping of natural and artificial fractures, (4) rock fragmentation-drilling and excavation, (5) scaling test data to field applications, (6) thermophysical, thermomechanical, and thermochemical properties, and (7) numerical modeling. The comprehensive discussion of each topic includes the state of the art, state of need, detailed recommendations for research, and references. The report includes additional chapters presenting an executive summary and a technical summary and conclusions. An index to authors cited and a subject index are also included.
Field tests; Permeability; Civil engineering; Rock mechanics; Earthquake engineering; Thermochemical properties; Meetings; Rock properties; Fragmentation; Fracture properties; Thermophysical properties; Mining engineering; Mathematical models; Fluid flow; Construction management; Stresses