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Community Response to Earthquake Threat in Southern California. Part Four: Awareness and Concern in the Public.
Turner, R. H.; Nigg, J. M.; Paz, D. H.; Young, B. S.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science.; Geological Survey, Reston, VA., January 1980, 372 p.
This volume is part of a study investigating individual and community response to earthquake threat in southern California. The overall objective is to provide a basis for understanding community response to earthquake predictions released to the public. Presented are conclusions about public awareness and concerns about earthquake threat. Findings are based chiefly on data gathered in a field survey of 1,450 Los Angeles County residents from January to March of 1977. Sampling procedures through which the respondents were selected and the strategy used in analyzing the data are described. Disaster experience, earthquake vulnerability, and understanding and respect for the sciences are discussed.
; Responses; Earthquakes; Surveys; Communities; Public opinion; Forecasting; California; Warning systems; Attitudes; Mass media; Disasters