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Community Response to Earthquake Threat in Southern California. Part Five: Action Response in the Public.
Turner, R. H.; Nigg, J. M.; Paz, D. H.; Young, B. S.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science.; Geological Survey, Reston, VA., January 1980, 164 p.
This volume is part of a study investigating individual and community response to earthquake threat in southern California. The overall objective is to provide a basis for understanding community response to earthquake predictions released to the public. Part 5 presents findings on public action response dealing with the following: (1) views concerning the possibility and appropriateness of the action, including the disposition to collective rather than individual solutions to the problem of earthquake hazard; (2) expectations for government action and evaluations of government accomplishments; and (3) preparatory actions by individuals and households.
Responses; Emergency preparedness; Disaster preparedness; Earthquakes; Evaluation; Communities; Behavior; Public opinion; Forecasting; California; Warning systems; Attitudes; Government agencies; Mass media