NEHRP Clearinghouse

Recent Awards, Division of Problem-Focused Research, January - March 1981.
January 1981, 14 p.
The reorganization of the National Science Foundation to broaden the agency's capability to support basic and applied research in the sciences and to give new emphasis to engineering research is announced. A major change was the establishment of a Directorate for Engineering, which includes the Divisions of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering; Chemical and Process Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. The Science and Technology to Aid the Handicapped Program is introduced. Awards for this program and for the Hazards Mitigation Program are listed. For each award, the following information is provided: title, principal investigator, institution, award number, amount, duration, starting date, and an abstract.
Handicapped persons; Grants; Systems engineering; Awards; Earthquakes; Chemical engineering; Environmental engineering; Computers; Process engineering; Mechanical engineering; Research projects