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Building Technology Project Summaries, 1981-1982.
Raufaste, N.; Olmert, M.
September 1982, 80 p.
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Center for Building Technology programs address building construction productivity, structural and geotechnical engineering, building materials, building physics, and building equipment. Typical CBT activities include: investigating failures, such as the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel skywalk collapse, to determine needs for improved design and construction practices; improving measurement techniques, such as development and calibration of a hot-box to accurately determine heat transfer in full-scale complex-work assemblies; defining characteristics of building performance, such as predicting service-life of polymers (a group of materials expected to see much more use during the 21st century); and developing methods to predict the energy performance of new refrigerant mixtures for heat pumps. This report summarizes CBT's research for 1981-1982. Each summary lists the project title, its progress, point of contact within CBT, and sponsor.
Service life; Buildings; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Quality assurance; Lighting equipment; Thermal analysis; Structural design; Plumbing; Environmental engineering; Energy conservation; Acoustics; Heating equipment; Research projects; Construction management; Construction industry