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Risk Management Policy for Earthquake Hazard Reduction: Alternative Risk Management Policies for State and Local Governments.
Sarin, R. K.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., May 1982, 94 p.
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Discussed is the formulation and evaluation of alternative risk management policies for the seismic safety problem caused by the old masonry buildings in Los Angeles. An aggregate analysis of risks to human health and property is conducted to show that these risks are significant, and the costs and benefits of alternative policies are compared. Recommendations range from strictly regulating residential and critical buildings such as schools, hospitals, and fire stations, to simply informing the occupants of commercial and industrial buildings of the risks involved. Ethical issues in evaluating alternative risk management policies are discussed. A guideline for a local risk manager is provided.
Los Angeles (California); Buildings; Regulations; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Risk; Risk analysis; Masonry; Decision making; Seismic risks; Ordinances; California; Management planning; Renovating