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Analytical Study of the Interaction of Frames and Infill Masonry Walls.
Rivero, C. E.; Walker, W. H.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., September 1982, 207 p.
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A nonlinear dynamic model is presented for the study of the behavior of frame-infill-wall systems. The nonlinearities of the model include the interaction between the frame and the wall, the cracking and failure of the wall, the bracing effect that the wall has on the frame, the discontinuities between the frame and the wall, and the inelastic behavior of the frame. The modeling of the masonry wall is based on the premise that the cracking mechanism in the wall may be separated from the material model assumed for the masonry. Analytical results are presented for three one-story, one-bay frames and for a three-story, one-bay frame infilled with masonry walls, under the action of ground motion. The wall is shown to develop damage and alter its behavior in accordance with the boundary conditions imposed by the frame. The cracking patterns both inside and at the boundary of the wall are represented. It is shown that the wall could brace the frame diagonally and could induce short column behavior in the frame.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Earthquakes; Finite element analysis; Walls; Mathematical models; Framed structures; Nonlinear systems; Stiffness methods