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States of the Art and Practice in the Optimum Seismic Design and Analytical Response Prediction of R/C Frame-Wall Structures.
Aktan, A. E.; Bertero, V. V.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., July 1982, 77 p.
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The objective of this report is to evaluate the states of the art and practice in seismic design and analysis of R/C frame-coupled wall structural systems. The findings during the course of continuing research at the University of California, Berkeley, for the past decade on 'The Seismic Behavior of Structural Components--R/C Frame-Wall Systems,' and the relevant literature, constitute the basis for the evaluations reported here. However, the major source of evaluations was based on integrated analytical and experimental investigations of the seismic responses of a 15-story R/C frame-coupled wall structural system, used as the example in these evaluations. The step-by-step design of the 15-story structure was carried out by considering each pertaining provision of the 1973 UBC, 1979 UBC, and ATC 3-06, which had been considered to represent the state of the practice.
Seismic design; Building; Reinforced concrete; Framed structures; Walls; Dynamic response; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Design criteria; Earthquakes; Dynamic structural analysis