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ANSR - III. General Purpose Computer Program for Nonlinear Structural Analysis.
Oughourlian, C. V.; Powell, G. H.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., November 1982, 251 p.
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ANSR is a general purpose computer code for the static and dynamic analysis of nonlinear structures. This third version which substantially extends and improves ANSR-I and ANSR-II has the following new features: a flexible and substantially automatic static analysis strategy, two separate options for dynamic analysis, namely a new event-to-event scheme and an improvement of the earlier iteration scheme, visco-static and creep analysis options, an option for rotated coordinate systems, configuration-dependent static loading, time-history record interpolation to allow variable time step analysis and arbitrary time delays for loading by propagating waves, an option for the Hilber-Hughes-Taylor integration method for dynamic analysis, simpler and more modular interation logic for static, dynamic and visco-static analysis, energy balance calculations for dynamic analysis, reorganization of element data and computational modules for greater generality and flexibility, an improved element library.
Earthquake resistant structures; Dynamic loads; Static loads; ANSR-3 computer program; Stiffness methods; Earthquake engineering; Computer programs; Structural forms; Fortran; Nonlinear systems; Dynamic structural analysis