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Experimental and Analytical Predictions of the Mechanical Characteristics of a 1/5-Scale Model of a 7-Story R/C Frame-Wall Building Structure.
Aktan, A. E.; Bertero, V. V.; Chowdhury, A. A.; Nagashima, T.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., August 1983, 140 p.
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This report documents the preliminary series of static and dynamic tests in Japan to measure the flexibility, frequency, and damping characteristics of a frame-wall structure and the associated analytical work conducted at U.C. Berkeley, as part of the U.S. -Japan Cooperative Research Program. The global flexibility, fundamental frequency and damping characteristics of the full-scale structure were simulated successfully. The bare model, prior to applying the auxiliary mass, which could be considered as a distorted model, had flexibility characteristics more than 100 percent different from those of the full-scale structure.
Framed structures; Reinforced concrete; Vibration; Walls; Matrix methods; Computer applications; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Dynamic response; Static structural analysis; Earthquakes; Dynamic structural analysis